FIFA day, 5-year anniversary FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence
08:25 Introduction Angele
FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence  Chair: Nerlich / D‘Hooghe
08:30 FIFA—Centre Regensburg: Regeneration knee joint Angele
08:45 FIFA—Centre München:  Importance of trunk stability in junior and professional football Schneider
09:00 FIFA—Centre Prag:    Osteochondral Injuries – prevention and treatment options Chomiak
09:15 Importance of FIFA Medical Centre for German Football Koch
09:30 Discussion
09:45 Coffee break
Prevention of injuries Chair:  Eichhorn, Fink
10:15 Injury prevention and importance for FIFA     Chomiak
10:30 Prevention of ACL ruptures Krutsch
10:45 Infection after ACL reconstruction – difference in amateur and professional player D‘Hooghe
11:00 Conservative treatment – functional integration of the knee joint into regeneration Dietmaier
11:15 Importance of neuromuscular control for injury prevention Zantop C
11:30 Biomarker in injury prevention Lattermann
11:45 Secondary prevention of knee injuries (rehabilitation, return to play) Tsapralis/Della Villa
12:00 Discussion
12:10 Lunch 
12:30 Workshops
FIFA 11+
Influencing factors and prevention of sports in juries Vorsitz: Nerlich, Angele
14:00 Prevention Programms in Football NN
14:30 Round table about influencing factors and risk factors for injuries
Perspective team coach
Perspective football player
Perspective team physician
Perspective physical therapist
Perspective sports science
Perspective referee
Perspective sports industry
15:30 Discussion
15:45 Coffee break
Return to Sports Chair: Krutsch, Schneider
16:15 Rehabilitation concept after ACL reconstruction – changes in the last 20 years Eichhorn
16:45 Return to play regarding gender aspects
17:00 Return to play in amateur football player Zantop T.
17:15 Return to play in professional football player Hoffmann
17:30 Discussion
18:00  End of congress