Samstag, 26.11.2016

Subchondral Bone
Chair: Steinwachs / Madry
09:00 Keynote:  Bone Marrow Lesions and Subchondral Bone Pathology of the Knee Kon
09:15 Digital analysis of subchondral bone in early OA  Nehrer
 09:25 Cartilage Adjacent Subchondral Bone (CASB) in ageing and disease as adiagnostic and therapeutic target (ExCarBon)  Schilling
 09:35 Role of the sensory nervous system in subchondral bone remodeling in OA pathology (ExCarBon) Grässel
 09:45 Clinical algorithm in subchondral treatment in early OA Salzmann
 10:15 Coffee break
  Pain Management in Early OA
Chair: Hirschmann / Aszodi
 10:45  Keynote: Pain and Early OA Schaible
 11:00 Neuroreceptors in the knee and physiological or pathological changes Brochhausen 
 11:10 Neuroreceptors and their influence on cartilage regeneration ((ExCarBon) Lanzl 
 11:20 Conservative treatment options in painful degenerative knee joints Dietmaier 
 11:30 Pain Management in early OA in daily clinical practice – state of the art Ittner 
 11:40 Adverse effects of local anesthetics Breu 
 11:50 Sports and degeneration Preininger 
 12:15 Lunch break  
Chair: Seil / Docheva
 13:15 Keynote: Stem Cell Injection for treatment of meniscal substance loss  Barry 
13:30 Meniscus surgery in an early OA situation – current situation Krutsch
13:40 Meniscal biomechanical alterations in an ACLT model for early osteoarthritis Dirisamer
 13:50 Meniscal allografts and meniscus replacement – Are they able to prevent (early) OA? Spalding
14:00 Cell-based meniscus Tissue Engineering in cartilage injured knees Zellner 
14:35 Coffee break  
Load Distribution:
Chair: Zellner / Nehrer
15:05 Keynote: Engineering the environment for cartilage, bone and joint regeneration Kelly 
15:20 Indications for osteotomy: do we need to correct everything? Hinterwimmer 
15:30 Structural changes in the tibiofemoral compartment after high tibial osteotomy-preclinical trials Madry 
15:40 Early OA without malalignment: what therapeutical options do we have? Niemeyer 
15:50  Mechanosensitivity of articular structures – implications for onset of early OA Bertrand 
16:00  The role of mechanobiological stress during joint regeneration in moderate osteoarthritis (ExCarBon) Angele 
  Rehabilitation and Outcome after Early OA treatment:
Chair: Niemeyer / Kelly
16:25  Keynote: Cartilage injury, Rehabilitation and long-term outcome in eliteathletes Eder
16:40 Preclinical scores and outcome measurement for treatment of early OA: do we have the right tools and scores? Pfeifer 
16:50  Clinical scores and outcome measurement for treatment of early OA: do we have the right tools and scores? Baumann 
17:00   Functional outcome analysis in animal models Docheva 
17:10  Postoperative rehabilitation after cartilage treatment: Is there aconsensus? Vogt 
17:20  Functional analysis in patients after regenerative cartilage treatment Zantop C. 
   End of Conference 17:45