Saturday, 01.12.2018


Conservative treatment of ACL injuries

Chair: Pederzini, Lattermann

 08:30 Keynote: ACL injury – can it be treated conservatively? Outcome and review of literature Hewett
 08:50 Keynote: ACL injury initiates posttraumatic OA regardless of surgical or non-surgical treatment. Potential strategies to reduce the long term impact Lattermann
 09:10 Equipoise and decision making issues for ACL injury – exploratory data from the ACL SNNAP trial  Beard
 09:25 Do psychological aspects influence patient reported outcome and return to sport after ACL injury? Webster
 09:40 Does delayed ACL reconstruction or treatment with exercise therapy alone influence prognostic factors for 5-year outcome? Lohmander
 09:55 Criteria for conservative treatment of ACL instability Frobell
 10:05 Criteria for surgical treatment of ACL instability Zantop T.
 10:15 Roundtable Discussion
 10:35 Coffee-Break  
Ligament substituting techniques

Chair: Scheffler, Fleming

 11:00 Keynote: Outcome after ACL reconstruction – Results from the MOON cohort and MARS study group Spindler
 11:20 Results and implications of the German ACL Registry Krutsch
 11:35 Is a tendon appropriate for a ligament reconstruction – basic research aspects? Docheva
 11:50 Graft-integration to the bone Weiler
 12:05 Sports specific implant choice for ACL reconstruction Efe
 12:20 Secondary prevention: How to prevent a re-rupture? Hoffmann
 12:35 Future perspectives: Do we need tissue engineered tendons or ligaments? Steinert
 12:50 Lunch
  Failure of ACL reconstruction

Chair: Spindler, Mayr

13:50 Keynote: Strategies for minimizing post-traumatic osteoarthritis after ACL Injury Fleming
 14:10 Where does the ACL graft fail – in the tendon or at the insertion? Scheffler
Mini battle: How to perform the ACL revision?
 14:25 Single step revision Pederzini
 14:35 Staged revision Strobel
 14:45 Discussion with selected cases  
 14:55 Coffee-Break
Detecting comorbidities for ACL reconstruction failure and treatment

Chair: Strobel, Kröll

 15:30 Keynote: Interaction between ACL, meniscus and cartilage – anatomy, stability and prevention of osteoarthritis Niemeyer
 15:50 Measurement of rotational instability Mayr
 16:05 Biomechanical aspects of anterolateral or posterolateral rotational instability of the knee  Kittl
 16:20 Influence of meniscus lesions Scheffler
 16:35  Cartilage and meniscus unit and implication to ACL insufficiency Brockmeyer
16:50  Axis deviation and ACL insufficiency – when should it be corrected? Dickschas
 17:05  Closing remarks Docheva, Angele
 17:15  End of symposium