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TIRM – (Translation in Regenerative Medicine) and FIFA – Symposium

Invitation to the International Symposium at University Medical Centre Regensburg from 28 to 29 November 2014

Topic: Regeneration of the knee joint

Rapid developments in regenerative medicine and sports require intensive exchange of information between scientists, developers, medical staff (medical doctors, physical therapists, sport scientists, team coaches) and sports industry.

On the first day (Friday) there is a platform for ‚ÄěTranslation of innovations from research into clinical practice“. Target audiences are guests from research, development, clinics and industry with the goal to advance in regenerative treatment options.

On the second day (Saturday) a celebration of the 5-year anniversary of the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence Regensburg will take place with detailed information about the institution. This day includes topics like injury prevention and return-to- play strategies in football, particularly for amateur and professional football. Highlight of this event is a panel discussion about influencing factors on injury prevention strategies. Guests in this discussion are a professional football player, team coaches, medical staff and industry. The aim of the presentations is further development in treatment and prevention of football injuries.

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