Friday, 30.11.2018


09:00 Opening  Angele, Docheva
Anatomy and physiology/pathophysiology of the ACL

Chair: Zantop T, Smigielski

 09:15 Keynote: Ultrastructure and macroscopic morphology of ACL Smigielski
 09:35 Normal and pathophysiological ACL biomechanics and gait Sigurðsson
 09:50 ACL Biomechanics under physiological and pathophysiological situation Stein
 10:05 MRI Analysis of ACL under physiological and pathophysiological conditions Welsch
10:20 ACL insertion point configurations and their implications on treatment  strategies                   Siebold
 10.35 Coffee-Break  
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of the ACL

Chair: Murray, Eichhorn

 11:00 Keynote: Biological aspects in ACL healing – is ligamentous remodelling possible? Schulze Tanzil
11:20 Joint milieu and influence on ACL healing Roffi
 11:35 Partial ACL rupture – classification and indication for trephination Eichhorn
 11:50 PRP for treating partial ACL ruptures Di Matteo
 12:05 A novel silk fiber-based scaffold for ACL regeneration – development and in vivo testing Teuschl
 12:20 Ligament-Bone insertion – biomechanical and histological aspects (preclinical) Kittl
 12:35 Ligament-Bone insertion – physiological and pathophysiological implications (clinical) Weiler
 12:50 Lunch
  ACL rupture and repair

Chair: Johnstone, Petersen, Weiler

 13:50 Keynote: Bridge-Enhanced ACL Repair: Translating from Lab to the Clinic Murray
 14:10 Myofibroblast – A candidate cells within the ACL Menetrey
 14:25 The role of blood supply for ACL healing Steinert
  Ligament preserving techniques

Refixation of the ACL – When, how?

 14:40 What do we have learned from history? Kröll
  Mini battle ACL preserving  
 15:00 My technique Schmitt
 15:10 My technique Ateschrang
 15:15 Revision after ACL preservation: What tissue do we find? Herbort
 15:30 Ligament bracing in complex knee injuries – what is different to isolated ligament injuries? Frings
 15:45 Coffee-Break
  Prevention of ACL Injuries and Reruptures

Chair: Hewett, Williams

 16:00 Keynote: Higher failure rate after anatomical ACL graft positioning – do we really have to respect anatomy? Williams
16:20 Risk factors for ACL injuries Chomiak
 16:35 Which structures protect the ACL? Eder
 16:50 Importance of nerve endings in the ACL Zellner
17:05 Medial Shelf Syndrome and Association with Traumata – Results of a histopathological Study Grevenstein
 17:20 Mechanoreceptors in the ACL – what do we know? Brochhausen
  Specific sport tests – What is necessary? (Mini-Battle)
 17:35 Return to play Zantop C.
 17:45 Back in action Hildebrandt
 17:55 Round table discussion
  Prevention programs
 18:15 FIFA 11+ and FIFA 11+kids Chomiak
 18:25 VBG Krutsch
 18:35 STOP X Petersen