Freitag, 25.11.2016

 13:00 Welcome  Angele/Grässel/Docheva
13:10 General Topic:  Definition and classification of Early OA Madry
 13:25 Keynote: Regenerative potential in an Early OA situation

  • From a clinical view
  • From a basic research view


  Diagnostics in Early OA:
Chair: Kreuz / Lattermann
 13:55 Arthroscopical cartilage assessment of early OA                                                Spahn 
   anschließend Diskussion  
 14:05  MRT-signs for Early OA – current status                                    Marlovits 
 14:15 Future developments in radiologic techniques for early OA assessment Welsch 
 14:25 Spect-CT and early OA Hirschmann 
 14:35 Do we need conventional X-ray for detection of moderate OA? Seil 
 15:00 Coffee break  
  Cartilage repair:
Chair: Angele / Grässel
 15:30 Keynote:  Post traumatic osteoarthritis – a clinical perspective Williams 
 15:45 Keynote: Key pathways to prevent posttraumatic arthritis for future molecule-based therapy  Beier 
 16:00  Conservative and operative treatment options for early OA in daily clinical practice: where is the cutting line? Pietschmann 
 16:10  Integrins in osteoarthritis and cartilage repair (ExCarBon) Aszodi
 16:20  Biomarker in early OA-useful for clinical situation Lattermann 
 16:30 Role of micro-RNA in cartilage function, pathology and progression of osteoarthritis (ExCarBon) Richter
 16:40 The quality of the cartilage defect edge in early OA: indications and limitations for regenerative therapy Kreuz 
 16:50 Heparan sulfate as a Regulator of cartilage homeostasis? (ExCarBon) Vortkamp 
   Injectables in Early OA:
Chair:  Kon / Beier
 17:15 Hyaluronic Acid  
  •  Clinical
  •  Preclinical
 17:25  PRP  
  •  Clinical
Di Matteo 
  •  Preclinical
 17:35  Bone Marrow Concentrate  
  •  Clinical
  •  Preclinical
 17:45 Adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells  
  •  Clinical
  •  Preclinical
 18:30  Christmas Market